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Tech.News: Is this the new iPhone?

Tech.News: Is this the new iPhone?

9to5mac has gotten hold of some juicy photos of what they’re calling the iPhone 5. The photo clearly shows the rumored larger design to accomodate a 4 inch screen as well as a new aluminum (probably not liquid metal) backing, a smaller redesigned dock connector, and a repositioned headphone jack.

According to Bloomberg, Steve Jobs worked closely on the new iPhone redesign before his death in October. Although Jobs was adamant that a screen larger than 3.5″ would be ergonomically uncomfortable and hard to use with only one hand, consumers have shown that larger screens are in demand. It is rumored that the 4″ screen will break from the current iPhone aspect ratio and become longer rather than wider. On a side note, it will be interesting to see how apps designed for the current 3.5″ screens are adapted for the new screen size.

As I mentioned in a previous post, a redesigned dock connector will be a welcomed upgrade: it most likely allows for faster syncing speeds, saves precious internal space, and (as shown in the photo) designates more room for bigger speakers and a repositioned headphone jack.

Pictures of the front-pannel show the larger screen and the front-facing camera which is now centered above the earpiece (about time).

Other expected features of the next iPhone are 4G LTE, a faster processor, improved battery life, and iOS 6.

[Images via 9to5mac]

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Tech.Tips: Emojis and Spaces to Name iOS Folders

Tech.Tips: Emojis and Periods to Name iOS Folders

By using emojis to name your folders for your iPhone, you can better specify the contents of the folder. Similarly, you can just put a period or a pasted space as advised by “MrGreedMD” in his comment to this post, to get rid of titles for folders that are filled with miscellaneous stuff you rarely use.

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Tech.News: Facebook Camera App

Tech.News: Facebook Camera App

Facebook just released a pretty cool mobile camera app that lets you share and view friend’s photos. You can upload existing photos or take new ones as well as edit with Instagram-like filters.

[via Facebook]

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Tech.Fun: Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic on the MOOGle Synth

Check out this awkward guy recreating Daft Punk’s “Aerodynamic” on today’s Google doodle.

Tech.Analysis: Facebook

Tech.Analysis: Facebook

Facebook’s underwriters kept the stock from dropping below its IPO of $38 on Friday. Now, without the security netting provided by Morgan Stanley, the true market price of the stock is emerging. Today, FB dropped 11% to close at $34.03. In the long-run, none of this matters. All of the trading activity for the next couple weeks will be based off of rumors and hype, not actual, concrete information. Investors who bought Facebook as a long-term investment should not even follow the stock’s activity until months from now when actual news about the company’s direction surfaces.

I’m long Facebook and here’s why:

Social networking is an industry that didn’t even exist a decade ago. Facebook, without a doubt, is the largest, most innovative and unparalleled social media company. They hold a monopoly on a service that 526 million people use daily. 720 of their 901 million monthly users are outside of the US and Canada. With projections of entering into Russia and China, in 3 years, Facebook could be an integral service for most of the world’s population.

When you purchase Facebook, you in turn, are investing in Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg controls 57% of the company, which means there is no investor board or any voting power in public shares. Luckily, Zuckerberg is a visionary and levelheaded CEO. Compare 28 year old Steve Jobs or Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg, and you’ll find a significantly more mature and skilled CEO with a commitment to his long-term vision: to use Facebook to change the connectivity of the world. Just imagine what Zuckerberg can do with all of the additional cash Facebook developed through the IPO.

Facebook is in a great position to attract the best and brightest young minds straight out of college. Because the company is “hot” and pays their interns and employees well, it’s an extremely desirable place to work straight out of school. The competition for Facebook jobs and internships is intense which means the company has their pick at some of the smartest and promising young programmers today. A company like Facebook that hopes to make bold and fast impact on the world always needs new ideas.

Lastly, in my opinion, Facebook needs to, and is planning to create a phone. The development of this device should be done patiently and must be executed perfectly at launch. They may only get one good shot to impress the world. Smart phones are used in today’s world primarily to communicate and secondarily serve other functions through apps. Facebook definitely excels in these two categories online, now all they need is a beautiful piece of hardware to bundle these services in a mobile product.

Keep an eye out for my detailed ideas for the ideal Facebook Phone later this week.

[image via Clinard, Facebook Statistics and info via Facebook]

Tech.Analysis: The Underwriters of Facebook NASDAQ:FB

Joe Weisenthal of Business Insider just published an interesting article about why Facebook never fell below the IPO price of $38. His reasoning? Morgan Stanley, the underwriters that filed and prepared the IPO, bid large volumes to keep the stock from closing below the initial offering.

So what does this mean for Facebook? It appears that the “hot” and hyped up stock could be worth less than $38 in the eyes of the public. Next week, the market price of Facebook should stabilize, which could very well be a price below the IPO. Perhaps the valuation of $104 billion dollars, about 100 times the company’s earnings, was perceived as just too high. Maybe it was the fact that the largest shareholders cashed out, using the IPO to get rich at the expense of the common investor. Large holders like Goldman Sachs announced yesterday that they will be incrementally selling portions of their stake in Facebook. All this doesn’t scream “booming stock.” Could we be falling for the same 2000 tech bubble?

Facebook might, after all, be a long-term investment. Look out for my article this weekend about my predictions for Facebook in the mobile sphere and the longevity of social networking.

[via Business Insider]

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Now.Desired: Better Typing on the iPad

Now this would be an excellent way to edit text on the iPad. Take note Apple.

[via Youtube]