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Design.Inclined: Supr Slim Wallet

Design.Inclined: Supr Slim Wallet

Now that smartphones and apps like Apple’s Passbook are starting to replace the need to carry so many card around, wallets like the Supr Slim are quickly becoming the best way to hold those remaining plastics you can’t part with just yet. I already use a slim leather wallet but the Supr Slim seems to take thin to the next level. Unlike leather wallets, the Supr Slim is manufactured from stretchable and durable elastic and easily conforms to how many cards you’re carrying. The Supr Slim can hold over 10 cards during the workday and slim down to 2 for your trip to the gym without losing its grip.

[Image and info via Supr Slim]

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Tech.Tips: Download the Final Build of iOS6 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Today

Tech.Tips: Download the Final Build of iOS6 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Today

Although the “official” launch of iOS6 isn’t until Wednesday, you can install the developer GM build right now. Usually Apple verifies beta software updates using iTunes and the developer’s UDID, however, GM builds are typically open to unregistered “developers” too. Just to clarify, iOS6 GM is the final version Apple will be releasing to the public on Wednesday.

Here are the steps:
1) Back up your iDevice. Do a full iTunes sync or iCloud backup to make sure you don’t lose your data if something goes wrong.

2) Download the latest version of iTunes 10.7

3) Go to this website to download the version of iOS6 for your device.

4) Locate the .ipsw iPhone Software Update file and drag it somewhere you can find it (like your desktop). If you use Windows, you will need 7-Zip to open the file.

5) Connect your device to iTunes and under the “Summary” tab, locate the “Check for Update” button. Hold down the option key (Mac) or the shift key (Windows) and click the Update button. Browse for the .ipsw file you downloaded and wait for the update to finish.

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Design.Inclined: RingWatch

Design.Inclined: Watch Ring Design

Check out this innovative watch concept. While it seems a bit impossible to build (for example, where would you put the drive motor, how would the individual rings hold up against the stresses of everyday wear, and is there room for a battery in this thing?) this design takes a whole new approach to telling time.

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