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Design.Inclined: Supr Slim Wallet

Design.Inclined: Supr Slim Wallet

Now that smartphones and apps like Apple’s Passbook are starting to replace the need to carry so many card around, wallets like the Supr Slim are quickly becoming the best way to hold those remaining plastics you can’t part with just yet. I already use a slim leather wallet but the Supr Slim seems to take thin to the next level. Unlike leather wallets, the Supr Slim is manufactured from stretchable and durable elastic and easily conforms to how many cards you’re carrying. The Supr Slim can hold over 10 cards during the workday and slim down to 2 for your trip to the gym without losing its grip.

[Image and info via Supr Slim]

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Design.Inclined: RingWatch

Design.Inclined: Watch Ring Design

Check out this innovative watch concept. While it seems a bit impossible to build (for example, where would you put the drive motor, how would the individual rings hold up against the stresses of everyday wear, and is there room for a battery in this thing?) this design takes a whole new approach to telling time.

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Design.Inclined: The Heineken Cube

Design.Inclined: The Heineken Cube

Check out this really smart bottle design with economic and environmental advantages. French designer Petit Romain’s stackable cube concept saves room in your refrigerator and optimizes shipping space. By eliminating the wasted space caused by traditional bottle designs, a company like Heineken could ship more beers in the same amount of space and over time save on shipping costs and fuel.

Now the real question is ergonomics: would this thing feel comfortable to hold? It definitely won’t fit in a cup-holder but considering it’s alcoholic contents, that shouldn’t be a concern. If it’s meant to be poured into a glass anyway like a Guinness, the beer cube design makes a ton of sense. Otherwise, I cant really see people walking around with these at a party. Still a really cool, out of the box (or should I say in the box?) idea.

[Heineken Cube via theurbn]

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Design.Inclined: Audi E-Bike Wörthersee

Design.Inclined: Audi E-Bike Wöthersee

To kick off the new “Design.Inclined” category of my blog, I present the Audi E-Bike Wörthersee. Audi’s amazing electric bike concept, unveiled during the 2012 Wörthersee Tour, features the perfect marriage of high design and tech. To start, the bike looks like something out of a Batman movie and weighs just 3.5 pounds. That’s less than a Macbook Pro. Audi achieves this engineering marvel through the use of carbon fiber wheels, chassis, rims, handlebars, etc which provides for a lightweight but strong end product. The bike is fitted with a mini touchscreen computer that monitors your general speed and distance but also functions as a hub for recording your tricks and even popping the bike into different drive modes including a sweet “wheelie” mode. The on-board computer pairs with an Android app which lets the user switch between other biking modes, monitor general functions such as battery level, and even remotely “lock” the bike’s back tire and set a theft alarm. The bike uses what Audi calls a “Harmonic Drive System” developed by Clear Mobile, which balances the motor’s weight in the center of the bike’s frame and connects to the wheels through the traditional bike gear mechanism. Additionally, the bike’s torque sensor can intelligently adjust how much the user is pedaling and supplement electric power accordingly. The 2.3kW electric motor can propel this carbon fiber feather 30MPH and an amazing 50MPH if the user is pedaling. This combination of lightweight design and power makes the Audi E-Bike ideal for tricks and high speed biking.

The Audi E-Bike is a concept/prototype so don’t expect to see this fun, futuristic bike on the street anytime soon but at a price tag rumored around $20,000, you wouldn’t pass one in the park anyway.

[Image via Inhabitat, info from Electricbike]