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New.Desired: Roli Seaboard

Roli, a design/tech start-up out of London, is attempting to reinvent the piano. By using malleable and squishy keys, the pianist has the ability to inflect and express the sound he/she produces through a revolutionary soft key design. Because the keys allow for more than just one dimension of input (on or off), the user can intuitively bend and vibrate pitches in ways that are simply impossible on a hard surface.

Roli has begun taking pre-orders for their 88-key Seaboard and although they haven’t mentioned anything about pricing, you best start saving now.

[Seaboard via Roli]

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Now.Desired: Sony RX100

Now.Desired: Sony RX100

Large sensors and optimal lenses are integral to producing sharp and vivid photographs. Until a few years ago, DSLR cameras were the only way to capture photographs that were truly “professional.” The professional point and shoot and mirrorless micro four thirds market empowers photographers to take DSLR quality photographs without the heft and bulk of a DSLR camera.

Until just recently, the Canon S100 has been the best compact professional camera. The S100 sports a large 12.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, Canon’s latest DIGIC 5 processor, a super-fast f/2.0-5.9 24-120mm built in lens, ISO up to 6400, and 1920 x 1080p HD video. Despite a spec sheet comparable to most entry-level DSLRs, the S100 is the size of a deck of cards and easily pocketable, making it a professional photographer’s ideal “carry around” camera.

Watch out Canon! It appears the S100 now has a fierce competitor: the Sony RX100. With a larger 1″ 20.2 megapixel CMOS sensor, a Carl Zeiss f/1.8-4.9 28-100mm lens, ISO up to 6400, and 1920 x 1080p HD video, the Sony RX100 outperforms many intro DSLRs. This powerhouse shoots at 10 frames per second (at 20.2 megapixels) and can stitch together a sweep panorama in seconds.

While the RX100’s features match Sony’s mirrorless NEX line, it’s size and pocketability makes it the absolute best anytime compact professional camera. Camera Labs says the “RX100 looks like a winner with a big sensor and bright lens squeezed into a body that’s remarkably close to Canon’s PowerShot S100 in size.” After their hands-on review, the Verge called it the “best all-around compact camera I’ve even seen.”

At a price tag of $649, the RX100 is comparable in price to many intro DSLRs and even Sony’s NEX line. Because the RX100 sacrifices the flexibility of interchangeable lenses for compactness and portability, a new photographer might want to consider a mirrorless camera or a DSLR in that $649 price range if portability is not of utmost importance.

Professional photographers looking for a secondary pocketable camera for when they don’t want to carry their heavy DSLRs should look no further than the Sony RX100.

[Image and info via Sony]

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Now.Desired: Nifty MiniDrive

Now.Desired: Nifty MiniDrive

The Nifty MiniDrive is a fully funded Kickstarter project that can easily increase the memory of your Macbook. With Apple’s switch to flash memory, the prices of higher capacity drives have made Macbooks with more storage expensive. Consequently, many people feel digitally cramped.

The Nifty MiniDrive is a tiny SD adapter that works with micro SD cards and fits flush in the SD slot of your Macbook Air, Pro, or Retina. Not only is the MiniDrive made with reinforced gold plated connections, it also has a nice aluminum finish on the outer edge to match the aluminum of your Mac. Although the MiniDrive is completely flush when inserted into your computer, it can be easily removed using a bent paper clip. The Kickstarter project will survey all backers at a later date to figure out exactly which model of the Nifty MiniDrive you want for your computer.

Because the Nifty MiniDrive is just an adapter, it’s future proof. As the prices of flash memory fall, it will become easier to purchase larger micro SD cards to use with your Mac. Currently, the largest and most reliable micro SD card is the 64GB SanDisk Mobile Ultra with a read speed up to 30 MB/s. These tend to sell for about $70 on Amazon. In a year or so, SanDisk will release larger micro SD cards which can easily be swapped into your MiniDrive.

Overall, the Nifty MiniDrive looks like a great and cost effective way to increase the storage capacity of your Macbook.

[Image and project via Kickstarter]

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Now.Desired: Better Typing on the iPad

Now this would be an excellent way to edit text on the iPad. Take note Apple.

[via Youtube]

Now.Desired: Brydge iPad Keyboard

Now.Desired: Brydge iPad Keyboard

There are a bunch of iPad keyboard cases on the market but nothing has caught my eye like the Brydge. This precision cut, Macbook-like aluminum design is stunning, clean, and well-made. The case features an impressive 180 degree clamp that securely latches onto your iPad using a series of magnets and plastics. There’s even a model with a secondary speaker.

I used a ClamCase in my note-intensive classes last semester and was frustrated by its cheap plastic keys and smaller than normal keyboard layout. Additionally, it was a case that made removing and inserting the iPad difficult. The Brydge appears to have fixed these issues through the patent pending clamp and the machine cut keyboard.

While connecting a keyboard to your iPad may seem to defeat the purpose of buying a tablet over a laptop, having this type of configuration allows you to use your iPad as a tablet for most of the day but attach a keyboard for that class with lots of lecture slides.

[Brydge via Kickstarter]

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Now.Desired: Google Drive

Now.Desired: Google Drive

A few hours ago Google announced Google Drive: a major challenger to Dropbox and other cloud based storage systems. Google Drive allows a user to save, share, and access a file anywhere on any internet connected computer, tablet, or phone.

With Google Drive, using an iPad as your primary computer becomes entirely possible: with all your files from your computer migrated to the cloud they are accessible but don’t use up precious space on your tablet. Additionally, the built in apps (like Photoshop, a music and HD movie player…) make your files accessible on tablets or other computers that do not have those programs installed. A Google Drive app will be available for both iOS and Android.

Google is offering 5GB of data free, 25GB for a monthly fee of $2.50 ($30 a year), 100GB for $5 a month ($60 a year) and 1 beautiful TB of space for $50 a month (or $600 a year!).

Now.Desired: Sony Bluetooth Earbuds (HSH-IS800)

Now.Desired: Sony Bluetooth Earbuds (HSH-IS800)

Check out these very small Sony Bluetooth earbuds that will wirelessly pair with your phone or MP3 player! The HBH-IS800 charges through a tiny port on one of the earbuds and while the audio quality has been reviewed to be quite average, and the battery life sub-par, the size and convenience of cutting the cord might make these buds worth the $79 price tag.

[Photo via Sony]

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Now.Desired: CloudFTP


CloudFTP is a solution for sharing data from USB to iOS and Android devices. Basically, any USB storage device can be plugged into this battery powered device making it a wireless drive. Through a web app (and eventually a dedicated iOS and Android app) the user can access a Mac OSX finder-like interface and access or save files from the drive on mobile devices.

[CloudFTP via Kickstarter]

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Now.Desired: iPUP

NowDesired: iPUP

Designed by Yun Seong Kim, this iPhone case concept allows the user to store NFC credit cards and other plastics in a slit behind their phone. With a protective card, the iPUP is able to keep those sensitive magnetic strips from the effects of your iPhone’s electromagnetic field. I can see this being convenient at the gym or even replacing my wallet on lighter days when I’m low on cash. [Yun Kim via YankoDesign]

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Now.Desired: QLOCKTWO W


Very cool watch from Biegert & Funk. Sharp, clean edges with a unique take on telling time. Biegert & Funk make a wall clock in the same style which is fit for any modern home but with a pricetag of $1,100, it’s probably a pass. Looking forward to seeing the end pricing and availability of this watch, check for updates or sign up for their notifications at

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