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Tech.News: Download HiddenApps to Hide Stock iOS Apps Without Jailbreak [Updated]

Tech.News: Download HiddenApps to Hide Stock iOS Apps Without Jailbreak

HiddenApps allows you to hide iOS Stock apps that you don’t use like Passbook, Newsstand, Stocks etc. You can also disable iAds and activate Field Test for a numerical signal strength (as opposed to bars). This app will likely be pulled from the App Store soon so grab it while you can. [UPDATE: this App was pulled from the App Store last night]

Like most other “hacks” that hide Apps on a non-jailbroken phone, Rebooting the device will break the tweak and require the user to re-hide the apps. It’s not perfect, but if you want a clean homepage and refuse to jailbreak your phone, this is a great app. Also to note, any hidden app is still searchable using spotlight.

[HiddenApps via 9to5mac]

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Tech.News: Apple-Samsung Patent Verdict

Tech.News: Apple-Samsung Patent Verdict

The jury in the Apple-Samsung patent trial has found that Samsung has infringed on Apple patents. Patents specific to iOS’s user-interface like scrolling, pinch-to-zoom, and other multi-touch functions as well as other Apple utility and design patents have been found abused. The jury found that Samsung “diluted” Apple’s iPhone and iPad brand.

As of 7:00 PM, Samsung owes just over $1 billion in total damages. Samsung’s legal team can’t be too happy right now.

[Photo via Forbes]

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Tech.News: Go Download the Updated Facebook App NOW!

Tech.News: Go Download the Updated Facebook App NOW!

Facebook’s mobile app has been completely rebuilt from the bottom up. It’s finally responsive and quick and worth updating as soon as possible.

Click photo for iTunes link.

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Tech.News: Zynga’s Stock is Crashing on Bad Earnings

Tech.News: Zynga's Stock is Crashing on Bad Earnings

Zynga (NASDAQ:ZNGA) missed their predicted earnings of $343.1 million leading to a stock free-fall of 40% this morning. The miss has also dragged down Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) more than 5%. Facebook is expected to release earnings after the bell today.

With Zynga’s miss and Facebook’s IPO issues, Social Media and Internet Tech is starting to look like a fad. Zynga’s stock is down more than 67% since its IPO in December.

[Image via Forbes]

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Tech.News: Apple’s SoHo Store

Tech.News: Apple's SoHo Store

Apple’s redesigned SoHo store reopened this morning. The renovated NYC store now showcases twice as many Macs, iPhones, and iPads as well as a beautiful new theater (complete with movie theater chairs) for workshops and other Apple events. Additionally, the Genius Bar is much larger (biggest in the US?) which will hopefully make it easier to get an appointment the next time you take a dip in the pool with your iPhone.

I’ve been trying to get my hands on one of those new Macbook Pro’s for a few weeks now and I decided to try picking one up at the SoHo store today. I reasoned that, even if they were out of stock I wouldn’t leave empty handed because I’d at least get one of those cool commemorative Apple t-shirts. I headed over to the store and got on the ridiculous fanboy line. Although I’m a huge Apple fan, I’ve never actually gone to any of the store openings/product release day events because I generally don’t like waiting on line for hours to spend all my savings. I passed maybe 15 minutes playing Pocket Planes and eventually reached the line of clapping Apple employees welcoming all of us with t-shirts to the pretty extraordinary store. Immediately, I recognized a smell: the entire room smelled like a new Apple product. It was uncanny how much it reminded me of unboxing my first iPod.

I worked my way upstairs along the signature glass staircase to check out the new theater and Genius Bar, both of which were impressively large and filled with people. I wandered about and eventually picked from the myriad of blue shirted Apple employees to help me with my purchase. After a few minutes, I finally had the exact Macbook Pro I had been scouting for so long in hand! I was extremely excited that my search had finally come to a close. Smiling, I ripped out my credit card to pay, only to get declined by Visa.

It’s quite difficult to hear automated credit card instructions on Apple launch days.

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Tech.News: Google Chrome and Google Drive Coming to iOS TODAY

Tech.News: Google Chrome and Google Drive Coming to iOS TODAY

Google has announced at their I\O conference that Google Chrome and Google Drive will be coming to the iPhone and the iPad later today. Both apps are expected to have the same popular features as Google’s desktop versions as well as syncing abilities. Check out the App Store later today to download.

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Tech.News: Microsoft Surface Tablet

Tech.News: Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft: You have my attention. The new Microsoft Surface tablet is actually a pretty cool device. I have been a big fan of Windows 8, except I feared that the interface wasn’t fit for a small smartphone screen and definitely not optimized for a laptop. Windows 8 is designed for tablets.I’m thrilled to see Microsoft finally building their own hardware.

There are 2 Microsoft tablets: a Windows RT ARM-chip version and a “professional” sibling sporting an Ivy Bridge i5 processor. The non-professional version is super thin (thinner than the new iPad) and the professional tablet is just slightly thicker at 13.5 mm. Both have a 10.6 inch high-definition screen comparable in pixel density to Apple’s Retina iPad screens. The Surface packs a full size USB port (USB 3.0 on the pro version) and 32 or 64 GB of memory for the RT version and 64 or 128 GB of storage on the professional tablet. The exterior casing is made of magnesium and Corning Gorilla Glass and even has a nifty kickstand.

While the specs on these two devices are right up there with Apple’s iPad, Windows 8 might be the deciding factor. Windows 8’s Metro user interface is really great; utilizing the edges of the tablet keeps tasks intuitively organized and enhances multitasking. The ability to run 2 apps next to each other is definitely one of my favorite features. Additionally, the real time, updating tile interface is a beautiful and stylish way to get all your info updated on your home screen. Windows 8 also has a desktop mode where older Windows software can run. This is a major plus for people who want the ability to run professional apps like Adobe Photoshop.

While the Surface has definitely caught my interest, my favorite announcement from Microsoft has to be the new magnetic cover for the tablet. It’s an extraordinarily thin Apple smart cover cover that integrates a multitouch trackpad and keyboard right into the case. It’s very thin, colorful, useful, and the first product I hope Apple copies from Microsoft.

Now here’s where this impressive and potentially competitive tablet may fall short: price. Microsoft has not announced anything about the pricing of either tablets. If the RT flavor is within the magical $400-$550 tablet price point, it very well could be something to watch. If Microsoft expects people to pay “ultrabook prices” for this tablet, Apple’s reigning iPad has nothing to fear.

I’m looking forward to seeing these Surfaces hit the market with Windows 8’s release.

[Image via Microsoft]

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Tech.News: Corning Willow Glass

Tech.News: Corning Willow Glass

Corning announced today a new line of ultra-thin, lightweight, and flexible glass that could change the shapes of our phones and devices.

The flexibility and thinness of the glass could allow manufactures to design “wrap around” devices with edge to edge glass and curved sides. Combining Samsung’s flexible OLED with Corning’s new Willow Glass would make for thinner and more maleable phones and tablets.

[Image via Corning]

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Tech.News: Facebook Camera App

Tech.News: Facebook Camera App

Facebook just released a pretty cool mobile camera app that lets you share and view friend’s photos. You can upload existing photos or take new ones as well as edit with Instagram-like filters.

[via Facebook]

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