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Design.Inclined: The Heineken Cube

Design.Inclined: The Heineken Cube

Check out this really smart bottle design with economic and environmental advantages. French designer Petit Romain’s stackable cube concept saves room in your refrigerator and optimizes shipping space. By eliminating the wasted space caused by traditional bottle designs, a company like Heineken could ship more beers in the same amount of space and over time save on shipping costs and fuel.

Now the real question is ergonomics: would this thing feel comfortable to hold? It definitely won’t fit in a cup-holder but considering it’s alcoholic contents, that shouldn’t be a concern. If it’s meant to be poured into a glass anyway like a Guinness, the beer cube design makes a ton of sense. Otherwise, I cant really see people walking around with these at a party. Still a really cool, out of the box (or should I say in the box?) idea.

[Heineken Cube via theurbn]

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