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Tech.News: Download HiddenApps to Hide Stock iOS Apps Without Jailbreak [Updated]

Tech.News: Download HiddenApps to Hide Stock iOS Apps Without Jailbreak

HiddenApps allows you to hide iOS Stock apps that you don’t use like Passbook, Newsstand, Stocks etc. You can also disable iAds and activate Field Test for a numerical signal strength (as opposed to bars). This app will likely be pulled from the App Store soon so grab it while you can. [UPDATE: this App was pulled from the App Store last night]

Like most other “hacks” that hide Apps on a non-jailbroken phone, Rebooting the device will break the tweak and require the user to re-hide the apps. It’s not perfect, but if you want a clean homepage and refuse to jailbreak your phone, this is a great app. Also to note, any hidden app is still searchable using spotlight.

[HiddenApps via 9to5mac]

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Tech.Tips: Download the Final Build of iOS6 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Today

Tech.Tips: Download the Final Build of iOS6 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Today

Although the “official” launch of iOS6 isn’t until Wednesday, you can install the developer GM build right now. Usually Apple verifies beta software updates using iTunes and the developer’s UDID, however, GM builds are typically open to unregistered “developers” too. Just to clarify, iOS6 GM is the final version Apple will be releasing to the public on Wednesday.

Here are the steps:
1) Back up your iDevice. Do a full iTunes sync or iCloud backup to make sure you don’t lose your data if something goes wrong.

2) Download the latest version of iTunes 10.7

3) Go to this website to download the version of iOS6 for your device.

4) Locate the .ipsw iPhone Software Update file and drag it somewhere you can find it (like your desktop). If you use Windows, you will need 7-Zip to open the file.

5) Connect your device to iTunes and under the “Summary” tab, locate the “Check for Update” button. Hold down the option key (Mac) or the shift key (Windows) and click the Update button. Browse for the .ipsw file you downloaded and wait for the update to finish.

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Tech.News: Google Chrome and Google Drive Coming to iOS TODAY

Tech.News: Google Chrome and Google Drive Coming to iOS TODAY

Google has announced at their I\O conference that Google Chrome and Google Drive will be coming to the iPhone and the iPad later today. Both apps are expected to have the same popular features as Google’s desktop versions as well as syncing abilities. Check out the App Store later today to download.

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Tech.Tips: Hiding Newsstand

Tech.Tips: Hiding Newsstand

Newsstand was a feature released in iOS 5 to collect reading apps in one place. Some people love it. Many wish they could hide it from their carefully organized springboard. Here’s a tip on how to hide unwanted app icons in iOS 5.

Apple only allows a user to keep 11 pages of apps. In order to remove an app like Newsstand that can’t be hidden in a folder, we need to fool iOS into thinking we have filled all those pages. To hide Newsstand and other app icons without Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps:

Fill pages 1-10 with at least one application. In my case, I had most of my apps on the first page so I opened a folder and dragged one app to each page.

On page 11 (the last page) fill the screen with apps and place the app you wish to remove in the bottom right corner. Now, all you need to do is introduce a new app to the top of that full 11th page and Newsstand will be exiled to a nonexistent 12th page.

Although the app doesn’t show up as an icon, it will still be searchable in Spotlight and tie together with other apps. The app is hidden, not uninstalled. Unfortunately, that means if you fully restart your iPhone or iPad, Newsstand will reappear as an icon in a free space.

[Image via appleiphoneschool]

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Tech.Tips: Emojis and Spaces to Name iOS Folders

Tech.Tips: Emojis and Periods to Name iOS Folders

By using emojis to name your folders for your iPhone, you can better specify the contents of the folder. Similarly, you can just put a period or a pasted space as advised by “MrGreedMD” in his comment to this post, to get rid of titles for folders that are filled with miscellaneous stuff you rarely use.

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Tech.Analysis: Vertical Integration and Microsoft

Tech.Analysis: Vertical Integration and Microsoft

Apple has been championed as a shining example of successul vertical integration in regards to their iPhone and iPad production. Vertical integration simply means that a significant percentage of the supply chain in the creation of a product is under the control of one company. Apple designs the software and hardware for their devices. This allows Apple to optimize the processor, RAM, and other hardware specs perfectly to their in-house software. By designing the hardware and software in tandem, Apple can install just the right amount of processor power and battery capacity for the bundled software which can cut costs of the overall product. Additionally, vertical integration allows Apple to control the supply chain for their products and plan for interruptions or changes. They are less impacted by sector-wide part shortages and supply shocks.

Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility in August is most likely an attempt to imitate Apple’s successful vertical model. The Android OS is currently designed by Google to fit many different phone models from HTC, LG, Samsung, and others. This discontinuity means that in some circumstances the hardware has superfluous computing power in comparison to the capabilities of the installed version of Android. The average user subsequently pays more for a phone with insane specs which the OS doesn’t really need to function well. Google is expected to not only use their acquisition of Motorola to create a single perfected phone, but also to further Google TV through Google-engineered Motorola set-top boxes.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone software is aesthetically inviting, has great exchange support, and overall the OS is fairly streamlined. However, most of the Windows Phone handsets are clunky and flawed. Some have tiny screens, others from HTC are too big. Speed, build quality, camera performance, and phone design vary among the many models detracting from the overall brand of a “Windows Phone.” The Nokia Lumia 900 is a great example of a beautiful phone (perhaps the sharpest on the market) with significant hardware/software limitations that will prevent Windows Phone 7.5 from becoming a true threat to Android or iOS. Windows Phone does not support dual or quad core processors. This means no threaded multitasking and lower performance. The software limits the screen resolution to 800×480 which makes competing with the Apple Retina Display impossible. The Lumia 900 is also a fortune unlocked.

Apple has proven that companies make their money selling the actual phone, not licensing their software. Google is already preparing for this transition (as shown in their purchase of Motorola) and if Microsoft continues to treat the mobile sphere like the OS licensed desktop computer market, Windows Phone wont reach its true potential. Windows 8 Metro looks fantastic but without an affordable and Microsoft optimized tablet to complement the software, it has no realistic shot at the iPad.

Apple’s vertical integration model is dominating the tech sector. Google is already making the necessary changes to compete. It’s time to build hardware Microsoft.

[Image via Techsling]

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Now.Desired: CloudFTP


CloudFTP is a solution for sharing data from USB to iOS and Android devices. Basically, any USB storage device can be plugged into this battery powered device making it a wireless drive. Through a web app (and eventually a dedicated iOS and Android app) the user can access a Mac OSX finder-like interface and access or save files from the drive on mobile devices.

[CloudFTP via Kickstarter]

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Tech.Tips: Crescendo Ringtones

TechTips: Crescendo Ringtones

Having your phone ring loudly in public can be embarrassing and annoying. Instead of immediately blaring at full volume, ringtones should crescendo/grow louder with time. When sitting in a class, movie, or any other large public place, if your phone incrementally got louder, you’d have an opportunity to silence the call before it becomes a real disturbance.

To make a crescendoing ringtone for your iPhone on a Mac, simply drag the song/sound you are using from iTunes onto your desktop, then into Garage Band. Click the small downward pointing arrow on the right-hand pannel. Using the “track volume” automations, drag a ramp-like volume level starting at mute growing to full volume (like the photo included in the gallery). The steepness of the line indicates how fast the volume will increase. Make sure the audio clip is under 30 seconds (you can trim the clip by clicking the whole song, placing the red play-line where you want the song to start or end and then, Edit–>”Split”). Finally, from the menu bar, click “Share” and “Send Ringtone to iTunes.” Sync up your iPhone and you’re good to go.

Now the next time you’re sitting in class and you forget to switch your phone to vibrate, you will have a bit of a warning before the full volume of the ringtone interrupts your professor’s super interesting discussion.

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