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New.Desired: Roli Seaboard

Roli, a design/tech start-up out of London, is attempting to reinvent the piano. By using malleable and squishy keys, the pianist has the ability to inflect and express the sound he/she produces through a revolutionary soft key design. Because the keys allow for more than just one dimension of input (on or off), the user can intuitively bend and vibrate pitches in ways that are simply impossible on a hard surface.

Roli has begun taking pre-orders for their 88-key Seaboard and although they haven’t mentioned anything about pricing, you best start saving now.

[Seaboard via Roli]

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Now.Desired: Sony Bluetooth Earbuds (HSH-IS800)

Now.Desired: Sony Bluetooth Earbuds (HSH-IS800)

Check out these very small Sony Bluetooth earbuds that will wirelessly pair with your phone or MP3 player! The HBH-IS800 charges through a tiny port on one of the earbuds and while the audio quality has been reviewed to be quite average, and the battery life sub-par, the size and convenience of cutting the cord might make these buds worth the $79 price tag.

[Photo via Sony]

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Now.Desired: CloudFTP


CloudFTP is a solution for sharing data from USB to iOS and Android devices. Basically, any USB storage device can be plugged into this battery powered device making it a wireless drive. Through a web app (and eventually a dedicated iOS and Android app) the user can access a Mac OSX finder-like interface and access or save files from the drive on mobile devices.

[CloudFTP via Kickstarter]

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Now.Desired: iPUP

NowDesired: iPUP

Designed by Yun Seong Kim, this iPhone case concept allows the user to store NFC credit cards and other plastics in a slit behind their phone. With a protective card, the iPUP is able to keep those sensitive magnetic strips from the effects of your iPhone’s electromagnetic field. I can see this being convenient at the gym or even replacing my wallet on lighter days when I’m low on cash. [Yun Kim via YankoDesign] http://www.yankodesign.com/2012/02/27/ipup/

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Now.Desired: QLOCKTWO W


Very cool watch from Biegert & Funk. Sharp, clean edges with a unique take on telling time. Biegert & Funk make a wall clock in the same style which is fit for any modern home but with a pricetag of $1,100, it’s probably a pass. Looking forward to seeing the end pricing and availability of this watch, check for updates or sign up for their notifications at http://qlocktwo.com/info_w.php?lang=en

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