New.Desired: Roli Seaboard

Roli, a design/tech start-up out of London, is attempting to reinvent the piano. By using malleable and squishy keys, the pianist has the ability to inflect and express the sound he/she produces through a revolutionary soft key design. Because the keys allow for more than just one dimension of input (on or off), the user can intuitively bend and vibrate pitches in ways that are simply impossible on a hard surface.

Roli has begun taking pre-orders for their 88-key Seaboard and although they haven’t mentioned anything about pricing, you best start saving now.

[Seaboard via Roli]

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Tech.Fun: Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic on the MOOGle Synth

Check out this awkward guy recreating Daft Punk’s “Aerodynamic” on today’s Google doodle.

Now.Desired: Better Typing on the iPad

Now this would be an excellent way to edit text on the iPad. Take note Apple.

[via Youtube]